Hair Fall

160x600Home Made Hair Mask

Hair masks made at home are cheap and the best option when it comes to how to reduce hair fall naturally without any harmful chemicals affecting your scalp condition. Homemade hair fall remedies will strengthen and nourish your hair.

Homemade hair mask is great for reducing hair fall in women and also hair thinning problems.


Good quality strong “Green Tea” 1 egg yolk


Put the egg yolk in a bowl and mix two tablespoon of the fresh “Green Tea” into it.

Mix it nicely till it becomes creamy. If the solution is too thick you can add more Green Tea in it.


Apply this hair mask on your hair. Then, put a shower cap or any cap which won’t affect the solution. Keep it on your head or an hour and then rinse it with your shampoo and conditioner normally.


Green tea is a good source of antioxidants which help in reducing hair fall and increase hair growth. Eggs being full of protein, vitamins and nutrients are an excellent constituent for prevention of hair fall and it has been used since centuries to uphold hair strength and shine

Using this hair mask after every 2-3 days can help you get rid of weak, dry and damaged hair and other hair problems.